Management Team

Mr. Adrash Rana  is working last 10 years into real estate known among the Real Estate Industry and Investors for his Business Acumen , Real Estate Transaction Transparencies, Quality Work Flow Process always adopted by him in his endeavors and Delivering Commitments with Unmatched Perfection. Under his Fine Leadership, Unparallel Business Approach, Total Quality Control Principles and Vision, Modest Group promises to create value for its Customer and Business Partners.

Mr. Rana with an experience of efficiently handling Real Estate Workflow, Team Management, Strategic Planning, Technology Process and Integration of Innovative Concepts to deliver world class and unmatched projects is also a firm believer of Company’s Core Value – “Innovation with Hard Work”.

Mr.ArvindBahl : Driven by zeal and fuelled by a passion for achieving excellence, Mr Arvind Bahl in last 10 years career span, has never stumbled and not fought back. His personality highlights include a sense of perfection and a keen perception for opportunities that can be turned to grand achievements. This has resulted in him amassing vast experience across organizations and roles that help him lead Modest from the front.

The In depth knowledge and profound acquaintance of the industry has facilitated the company to brain some handy commercial and residential building. The spotlight is in direction to meet the mounting requirements of the customer’s satisfaction. It also Endeavour’s to grant every client the space that they dream of and overwhelm the clients with the excellence and aesthetics of the construction. We believe that with our conscious and dutiful endeavors’ will build an India full of strength and radiance.

He has lent his exemplary vision to construction projects ranging from Hospitality to residential, to roads, dams and hydro-electric projects and achieved outstanding results owing to his immense capability to visualize and execute with absolute perfection. His delivered work shows the thought process and the attention to detail that is typical of his work style. Another very important attribute of his persona is the impeccable team spirit that he brings to the offering. He admits great things can only be achieved through a team effort.

Mr.Purshottam Dagar : A young and dynamic Business graduate having experience in the real estate for more than a decade. He comes with a powerful background of building brands in the real estate industry. He has developed and nurtured big names to flourish and achieve glory in various parts of the country. With an ever expanding network of real estate associates behind him, he is a task master who simplifies and constructs problem to the solutions. An expert in numerous management methods, he influence the internal and external dynamics of the Organization, synergizing them with success. Sales aren’t his specialty but he is a master who practices and dispenses the art commercially with his experience.

The span of our activities is bigger than ever. We dream like visionaries, and build like giants. We think of concepts that others wouldn’t dare to. And then we build them- with the strength of determination, experience, and passion for construction. With our unique vision, we are finding new ways of seeing old values. We’re not just constructing spectacular building. We’re creating lifestyles, and we’re changing the way people live and work. We introduces “Quality” into every aspect of the company ranging from Process, Human Resource, Work Flow, Technology and Services, to create an all encompassing quality culture. Client’s Interest and Satisfaction is of paramount priority for “Modest Group” which becomes company quality benchmark with prime concern to make the client’s investment High on Value, Safe & Profitable. “Modest Group” continuously works to Research, Innovate and Improve the service quality.

Mr. Adarsh Rana

Mr. Adarsh Rana

Managing Director & Founder (Modest Structure Pvt. Ltd)